Home Cleaning Tip – Remove Permanent Marker

Cleaning Permanent Marker in your daily home cleaning

If you have young children or are very clumsy with your markers, you might be interested in a way to remove most any permanent marker stains from wood without damaging the wood.

The trick is to take a soft white cloth (one that you will not need again) and soak a corner with rubbing alcohol. After doing this simply rub the mark vigorously with the alcohol soaked corner. You will see the marker coming off. You may need to make several passes over it. If this does not work then you will need to get a professional graffiti remover, which is a gel cleaner that has special chemicals to remove graffiti or accidental marks on walls, floors and furniture. You can usually get these types of cleaners at any major all-in-one type of department store or you can order them online.

So no next time your little sweetheart practices their Picasso on your wood coffee table you have options other than to buy a new coffee table! I hope you enjoyed this article, please look for more articles in the coming weeks!

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