Fighting The Flu With House Cleaning

House Cleaning To Fight Against the Flu

It is that time year again, and it seems it has hit this area with a vengeance! The flu and cold season…but there are ways to fight back with good house cleaning!

When you have a sick one in your home, or have come in close contact with someone who has recently come down with something then the first measure of defense is to clean. Yes, disinfecting is the number one way to avoid getting sick, but did you know that those very same viruses can lay dormant in the dust inside your home? You heard right, dusting your home on a regular basis can prevent the spread of viruses. It’s fine to wash your hands religiously, and to disinfect all hard surfaces, but you also need to dust.

Dust particles are an accumulation of several things, environmental dirt and toxins as well as in home toxins, pet dander and human skins cells. Viruses can collect on the skin cells and lay dormant in your dust. So, it is important to dust on a regular bases, at least once a week for homes that aren’t in a high traffic area, more often if they are.

Now, about the hand washing and disinfecting…most people do not properly wash their hands, so make sure to sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands or recite your ABC’s, this will help you make sure that you are scrubbing for at least 11 seconds. Otherwise you will not be getting rid of those viruses. Disinfecting is another issue, most people don'[t realize that you need to disinfect light switches, door handles, locks, phones, cell phones, remotes and any other objects that are handled on a daily basis. And finally, make sure you disinfect your car handles, gear shift, buttons, arm rests and steering wheel. It make sound obsessive, but it will help you keep the bug from spreading! Have a great day and stay healthy!

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