Instant Floor Clean

Our maid service serves Tuscaloosa and Northport, providing the highest quality home & office cleaning services.
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High Heat Clean

Highest heat carpet cleaning

Fast Drying

With our low moisture cleaning and 250-310 degree vapor you get nearly instant drying time.

Pure water used for carpet tile cleaning

Zero Residue

We only use distilled or reverse osmosis water when cleaning. Zero residue means cleaner – longer.

High heat floor cleaning

High Heat Clean

The power of super hot vapor is incredible for carpet, tile, concrete and many surfaces.

What To Expect From Floor Cleaning

Allergen Elimination

Have allergens? No problem. We have 250-310 degree high heat cleaning methods that take care of most allergens and dust mites – FAST.

Pet Friendly

At no additional charge say goodbye to cat urine smell, wet dog, or many of the usual pet odors. Say goodbye to most pet stains including urine!

Stain Elimination

We automatically, at no additional charge, attempt to remove all stains in carpet and tile/grout. If we, with our advanced techniques, can’t remove it then it can’t be removed.

Upholstery Safe

We get your upholstery clean – sanitized – safely. Low moisture vapor cleaning is the number one recommended method by major furniture manufactures.