Low Moisture Great Result Carpet Cleaning

The right equipment married to the right chemicals

At Maids In America we have evolved from small carpet extractors (we carpet and suck up dirt) to Truck Mounts (wet carpet even more and suck up dirt harder with heat) to where we are now. The technology of cleaning carpet has changed dramatically over the years and we are having better success with low moisture encapsulation techniques using counter rotating brush machines.

Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machines use two brushes rotating counter to each other at 1000 rpm pulling up carpet fibers (or raising the pile) allowing every single fiber to be thoroughly cleaned. The machine simultaneously drops down heated water that contains a special carpet cleaning solution that encapsulates the dirt. The encapsulation process is amazing and is very safe, friendly, and even helps keep your carpet cleaner longer months after we leave!

This process removes stains & odors far better then other techniques including truck mount cleaning. In fact it is the number one preferred method for commercial carpet cleaning world-wide and is now taking over the leading edge of residential cleaning. Not only does it destroy odors but it is the “end-all” in stain removal methods.

We guarantee that after the cleaning process ends your carpet will look good, smell better and stay clean longer!