House Cleaning Deep Clean Process

Details Of A Deep Clean

What happens when your Maids In America team member comes to deep clean your house? When a Maids In America team member arrives at your home he/she is stocked with all the necessary cleaning tools and supplies to clean your household properly.

They first start in your kitchen, spraying down your oven with appropriate chemicals and then begins cleaning your appliances inside and out, paying close attention to detail. Next they dust all cobwebs, vents and light fixtures in the room, wash all cabinets, and clean all wall hangings and vent hood. They clean all counters including under microwave and other small appliances, as well as, cleaning the outsides of all items on the counter and tables and chairs. The clean the sinks, faucets, sprayer and around faucets, and touch up walls, light switches and outlets. They clean all windows, blinds and window sills, baseboards, doors and/or doorframes, sweep and mop and take out your trash. And that’s just in the kitchen.

Next they start in the bathrooms, dusting all cobwebs, vents, light fixtures, wall hanging and shelves, windows, blinds and window sills. They Polish the mirrors, scrub the showers and tubs, sinks, counters, light switches, outlets, cabinets, toilets inside and out, baseboards, doors and or door frames, sweep and mop and take out trash.

They then move on to the bedrooms where they clean all cobwebs down, vents, light fixtures and ceiling fans, wall hangings, shelves, tables, bedframes, dressers, mirrors, windows, blinds and window sills, Knick knacks, light switches, baseboards and sweep/vacuum/dust mop floors.
In the living room/den/dining room they clean cobwebs down, vents, light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall hangings, shelves, doors/doorframes, windows, blinds, window sills, light switches, tables and chairs, Knick knacks, vacuum off and out furniture. Vacuum rugs/carpet, sweep/mop/dust mop floors and do general straightening up.

Finally, they clean exterior doors inside and out, sweep and dust down patios and porches/steps when not raining. The final step is to walk you through your fresh smelling and clean house to make sure everything is up to your standards. Remember to have your copy of the checklist on-hand while walking! The check sheet is available on our Quality System – Customer Orientation option!