Cleaning Service Quality Control

Quality Assured In 3 Steps!

Cleaning quality  control visual options

Scroll down to Visual Options

Click on appropriate option – either online dynamic version or printable .pdf version. In case you are not on the right page type this manually in your browser:

Visual cleaning system ready

Examine Your Visual Guide(s)

Make sure your visual check-sheet works whether online or printed. Call us if you have any issues as you’ll be using this during the walk-through with the maid(s).

Walk through with maid service

Walk Through With Maid(s)

Perform a walk-through BEFORE the maid(s) leave. This is policy and is very important. Use either your online or printable version to assist as you check with the maid(s).

Customer Orientation

Visual Cleaning Guide

Mobile QC - printable pdf version

Visual Cleaning System

Our visual cleaning system, named the “Engineered Clean System” was developed by our large commercial cleaning division. See below slide show for examples.

Screened & Trained

Want to work for Maids In America? One of the criteria is a background check as we take who walks into your home seriously.

Supplies Included

Our policy is that we use our supplies and equipment only to ensure uniform cleaning service quality

Ten As The Highest Rated

Ten years providing maid service to Tuscaloosa County. Our 60+ reviews date back as early as 2007 reflecting our long history of taking care of the customer.

Maids In America Is Built On Providing Consistent Cleaning Quality

Our cleaning team follows a unique visual cleaning guide / check-sheet every-time they clean. At the end our cleaning team walks you through your home to make sure you are 100% satisfied before you pay.

Maids In America Is Built On Providing Consistent Cleaning Quality

Our cleaning team follows a unique visual cleaning guide every-time they clean.

Examples Of Visual Diagrams Our Cleaning Service Uses

*Light switches wiped?
*Make Bed
*Window Sills / Blinds Dusted?
Ceiling Fan/lights dusted?
Floor Cleaned Corner To Corner?
Furniture/Fixtures Dusted?

Maid service oven cleaning at it's best.

Pre-heat Oven to 300 degrees for 10 minutes then turn off and let dwell for 10 min. Pull out racks, eyes (if applicable), eye pans, bottom drawer and clean with degreaser. Clean vent hood under/sides/top.

Cleaning the details of the refrigerator with our maid service

Wipe down all sides of refrigerator including top & sweep from under and behind. *If deep clean Pull out all drawers/racks/etc, empty contents and clean inside.

Bathroom cleaning service

*Cleaned doors & door frames?
Behind toilet/along edges clean?
Cleaned mirror(s)?
Cleaned outside of cabinets?