1954 vs 2018 Cleaning Part I


The cleaning service industry has been one of the least innovative industries in building and home maintenance. Cleaning
products, especially for the residential/consumer segment, are floated by the hot air created by great marketing not any
actual substance or science.

In this part of the 1954 vs 2018 Cleaning Series we will focus on how mopping has evolved but is still reaping in tons of sales
to residential and commercial consumers with dead, but more profitable, methods.

Today’s Mopping Technology

There are several decent products available for cleaning both homes and commercial building:

  • Commercial Microfiber Mops – swap mop heads every x amount of square feet and stop spreading dirt around! If
    used correctly there is also no cross contamination. Commercial microfiber mop heads come in super wide sizes,
    anti-bacterial materials, and multiple colors to allow color coding by area cleaned.
  • Consumer Microfiber Mops – Same as commercial except smaller and more expensive (commercial is a better
    option for consumers also)
  • Zero residue, non-ionic mopping chemicals for both consumer and residential use

Yesterday’s Mopping Technology Marketed Today

The most common application of powerful marketing is to take dead but incredibly profitable technology and make it look good:

  • The Ole Slopo Mopo – Wow, how many more years can we clean floors by squeezing out a cloth based mop in a dirty
    water bucket and spread the dirty magic? Geeze, it’s 2018.
  • The New Slop Mopo – Wow, let’s reinvent the slop mop with something that spins or looks cooler! What a great idea to
    make an extra buck while spreading the dirty goodness.
  • The Overrated Auto-Scrubber (commercial only) – My company uses auto-scrubber for specific tasks such as tile/grout,
    concrete, etc but no longer for general mopping as these are unbelievably disappointing and slow. We stick to commercial
    microfiber mops for both commercial and residential.

Hey, news flash – it’s 2018! Ditch the Slop Mop and get with the 1960’s (microfiber mops)! Don’t use a mopping method / tool
that is based on the principal of spreading dirty water across the floor so it sort of looks clean if spread if the bucket is changed enough.