The Truth About Cleaning Franchises

The initial challenge with starting a maid service – or any business – is getting customers and how to do it effectively. Marketing
finishes off 90% of businesses before they get started. The other factors that bury most businesses at a whopping 99% failure rate
the first 12 months are cash flow management and personnel issues.

The first challenge – marketing – is why many people turn to a “business in a box” or franchise. Cleaning franchises are common
and all claim to have innovated and/or re-invented cleaning service somehow. In short your local investor that bought a franchise
so they could – in theory – have a guide / support / marketing to allow them to connect the dots is best avoided.

Franchises as a whole attract bored housewives with extra money, the guy with a surplus of cash from another business they have
and is looking for a pet project, or the desperate that just lost their job but can get a loan before their bills start to lapse. Franchises
are sold under the premise that an initial 50k investment can buy success when, in fact, by buying a franchise it is a sign that you
probably shouldn’t be an entrepreneur to begin with. Some key points to understand:

  • Your cleaning price is inflated by about 40% because of Franchise fees the local “business in a box” investor has which –
    in no way improves your cleaning experience.
  • Always remember when dealing with a franchise you ARE NOT DEALING WITH A LARGE NATIONWIDE COMPANY but, in fact,
    are dealing with a “franchisee” that gives you no value as far as stability goes. The franchisee only receives marketing support
    but if you have a problem you are stuck with them only to resolve – or not resolve it.
  • Franchises are MARKETING OFFICES ONLY. For example 1.75 Maids & A Dirty Mop are not powerful chain united to give you
    better cleaning. They are a one man stand (the franchisee) who you are at the mercy of and offers zero additional value over
    a local non-franchise.
  • Franchise owners truly believe that they can “buy success” but rarely end up successful in the long run. Their failure is not
    the fault of the franchise but the end result of lack of vision and ambition combined with impulsiveness.

Be very weary of any claims or “We Are A Top 100 Franchise” claims as that means nothing to you as the consumer. Top 100 means
that the Franchise company – a glorified marketing office – has paid enough to the Franchise magazine in advertisements to get ranked.
It has nothing to do with the quality and value of cleaning you will receive.

So a final note – Always go locally owned and operated and stay clear of those local owners who put their money into a franchise in a
desperate effort to buy success and pass the additional overhead on to you negatively affecting the value you receive.