Grout Cleaning

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning technology gives you clean white grout at half the cost of traditional methods

We use low moisture, quiet, and safe high speed counter rotating brush machines to clean your tile and grout in less then an hour in many cases.

The chemicals used are not only safe but they will not harm your grout or any surrounding surfaces.

We can keep your grout looking good longer

Our grout experts can, at a minimal additional charge, implement grout sealer that will penetrate porous grout making it resistant to absorbing dirt/grime/hard water. We will also in-service you on how to keep your grout looking great to save you money in the future.

We have been restoring grout for over 9 years and have restored over 900,000 square feet of grout to-date.

Become one of our happy customers – We guarantee results!