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Cleaning Up Sheet Rock Dust

One of the hardest cleaning challenges is cleaning up after construction / remodeling. What makes construction cleanuphard is the fine and seemingly endless supply of “sheet rock dust.” Sheet rock dust has a very low molecular weight so it tendsto be hard to suspend in the cleaning solution before it floats elsewhere. While there are

Cleaning High Windows

Cleaning windows that are up high – 2nd or 3rd story even – doesn’t require a ladder. Our maid and commercial cleaningservice both use extension poles that reach up to 20′ without compromising windows cleaning power. When cleaning3rd story windows we can even extend the reach another 6′. Tools necessary for high window cleaning: Microfiber

Cleaning Electronics

Our cleaning service often cleans computers, monitors, etc and – while not rocket science – there are few things to know when cleaning these: On monitors use electronic glass cleaner – don’t use Windex or other harsh “coating stripping” glass cleaners. Use compressed air cans to blow out dust in the back of computers/monitors/etc where

Using Vapor Cleaners

Vapor cleaners are wonderful tools when used correctly with realistic expectations. We use vapor cleaners In our maid service but are very specific to what areas we use them as, in many cases, they can be inefficient. Myths: You only have to use distilled water to clean with: While you only want to use distilled

Removing Rust/Mildew/Calcium

Removing mildew/rust/calcium/etc in bathrooms – for example – can be challenging, It’s important to keep in mind that mildew/rust/calcium is “alkaline” by nature and is best cleaned with Acid based cleaner. Always use acid to clean alkaline based stains… Or use alkaline (degreaser) to clean acidic contaminants such as food residue. Acid – NOT –

Vapor Cleaning Tips

Vapor Cleaning Tips As we continue our series of vapor cleaning tips we explore chemicals that work best with vapor cleaners. Remember only use distilled water in the vapor cleaner but never expect distilled water only – despite the hype – to do the job. Chemicals that react well to vapor heat (pre-spray only –

Tuscaloosa Maid Service

Full Cleaning Service Coverage For Tuscaloosa With our cleaning family we can take care of all needs in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Our cleaning service consists of five divisions to better handle your needs: • Maids In America East – Another office in Tuscaloosa, Al to provide faster maid service. • Maids In America Northport –