Tuscaloosa Maid Cleaning Services

Maids In America provides home cleaning services and janitorial services to Tuscaloosa County

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services

Maids In America started in 2007 by Susan Ellis as a locally owned and operated Tuscaloosa cleaning business. Her goal was to provide superior maid and janitorial services to Tuscaloosa County at price that reflected value.

There is much to learn with any business venture, and, if you are going to stay in business ten years, you better learn and adapt. The evolution of learning how to provide superior cleaning services has taken us many directions:

– Initially copying other cleaning companies
– Adopting what works and figuring out how to change what doesn’t
– Innovating the cleaning quality control
– Innovating cleaning techniques
– Innovating cleaning technology

Susan, despite the expansion into Indiana and Cork, Ireland still owns Maids In America, incorporated and Headquartered in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Maids In America is NOT a “business in a box” (Franchise)


Why isn’t Maids In America a franchise?

– We have total control over the quality process of our cleaning services. We like it that way.

Aren’t franchise larger and better able to take care of the customer?

– No. Franchises are individually owned by area. Even if there are 50 of them across the United States the local franchise in your area has only its own resources.

What is a “business in a box?”

-This is a common nickname for a franchise. A franchise is attractive to an investor that has little to no business background and no experience in the type of business they are buying. They come with a generic, inflexible blueprint to “connect the dots” as best as possible for the new franchise owner.

Are the Indianapolis, and Cork, Ireland locations Maids In America franchises?

– No. Headquarters are in Tuscaloosa and the other locations are family ran and are controlled centrally from Tuscaloosa.

Why is there a franchise in town that claims to have been in business over 10 years yet I just heard of them?

– That’s because they haven’t. In fact the only franchise in town as of this publishing didn’t start until September of 2015.

– How can a local franchise claim more years then they have operated?

– They use the date of when the original franchise concept started (company selling franchise opportunity). In reality, though, the date the franchise concept started up has no bearing on the actual experience and ability of the local franchise investor.