Visual Home Cleaning

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Visual cleaning system in action

Consistently Clean

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The Visual Cleaning System

Visual cleaning path


We don’t leave details or techniques to chance, one example above is how to mop a restroom correctly. We use commercial microfiber mops in most cases.

Final Step

If you are new customer it is required that you walk through your home with the maids at the end of the cleaning. Have your check sheet ready to follow along.

Cleaning quality check


Our people checkoff each step creating a documentation trail making it easier for the QC walk-through to make sure critical areas are done.


The visual cleaning system helps our cleaning team members zero in on details consistently.


Spend a few seconds with Olivia to help you have a great experience from our maid service. Enjoy your clean home!

Easy To Use

Our visual system is accessible by our cleaning team and customers. Watch the short video.

What To Expect From Our Cleaning Service

Visually Clean

Several years ago we developed a unique quality control visual system for our cleaning team to follow. Now we use it in all company divisions.


Our cleaning team members are background checked and trained. We are licensed,bonded, and insured with two million dollar liability coverage.

Equipped To Work

When our cleaning service team arrives at your home or office door they are organized, equipped, and ready to give you superior cleaning quality.

11+ Years On Top

For more then eleven years we have remained on top of Google Places in ratings for house cleaning and janitorial service in Tuscaloosa County. Yet improving every day is still our goal!

“I know that at the end of the year many companies such as ours evaluate contracts on outside vendors. I’m putting in the good word for Maids In America as they have been fantastic in their 2nd year at our facility. We have been able to count on them 7 days a week for 2000+ workers and 3 shifts. Great job and highly recommended…
– Adam Elliot

“Five years ago we decided to try more cleaning companies because we just weren’t happy with the campus cleaning and our department had to pay for it even though it was “in-house.” After going in circles we tested Maids In America for a month-to-month cleaning before we committed to a one-year contract.” – Rebecca Umana

“It seems like having a large home makes it hard for cleaning companies to clean… I’m glad that I found Maids In America because I was just going to give up and see if a temp service could get me somebody to help. I have almost 15,000 square feet and eight – is enough – children so it’s constantly in need of a good cleaning! Thanks Susan!

– Issa laworo