Visual Cleaning Service Quality

The Engineered Clean Visual Walk-thru In Action
3. Take all racks and drawers out of fridge and freezer.  4. Clean inside of freezer and dump ice. 5. Clean...
3. If necessary use degreaser for stubborn stuck on food...  4...
2. Clean Microwave inside including under glass plate, use Dawn and water and dry to clean plate. 3. ...

Visual cleaning system in action

It’s Clean Because It’s Visual Clean

Wow! It’s Visual Clean!

Home cleaning service oven procedures

Detail Zone

The Visual Cleaning System breaks down details into a visual format reducing errors and making the procedures easier to follow. With the visual system it takes less time to clean your home…better!

Standard operating procedures help improve house cleaning quality

The Basics

To successfully provide cleaning services a foundation of cleaning operating procedures needs to be established. Our SCOPs (standard cleaning operating procedures) keep the cleaning team on the right track from the start.

Cleaning team members checking cleaning service steps off as they go


Our cleaning team checkoffs each step as it gets done making it easier to stay organized while cleaning and to make sure critical areas are done right.

Quality Made Easy

The Engineered Clean Visual Quality System is accessible by all divisions of our company and cleaning teams. It’s also available to customers to make the final cleaning walk-through easier and smoother. Watch the video for a short demonstration of how easy it is to use.