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Of all the articles I could write this is the one I should of done already.  Well, actually, I have internal use versions for years but nothing for the consumer.  Inspecting maid service or more like the quality of work performed is almost always going to find some room for improvement at a minimum.

The reason we have our new customers walk through with the maid(s) at the end of the cleaning is ……………………………………… wait…………………….wait …………… wait………………. here we go …………..  THEY MISS STUFF! 

Shocking for a company that calls themselves a professional maid service to admit that?!  No.  Just smart.  With over 100 moving parts on every cleaning the odds are very high that some things might be missed.  With my degree in Engineering I also majored in Math and statistics was my favorite part.  Stats say that it’s impossible not to miss cleaning tasks every time a deep cleaning is performed.

The Inspection

Whether it’s Maids In America with our visual check-sheet, another cleaning company, or the neighbor that needs a job they all should have some sort of check-sheet to set expectations and reduced missed cleaning tasks.

Use the agreed upon check-sheet (if none is provided this article is useless to you) and walk through with the maid(s) at the end of the job.  Don’t wait until they leave and certainly don’t wait a week to point out dust that probably accumulated during that week.

Get it over and spend 10 minutes walking.  If you look you’ll find something to fix.  It’s not that you find things… It’s that you find what is most important to you like, for example, you really needed that fridge cleaned out this time and the kitchen floors no longer sticky and dirty…

inspecting cleaning job

Inspecting Details

Start the walk-through with what’s first on the check-sheet.  If you aren’t up to the task and/or limited on time skip around inspecting the areas that truly matter the most to you.

If you’re bored and/or very very detailed check the most commonly missed areas such as:

  • Tops of picture frames
  • Tops of appliances
  • Tops tops tops
  • Baseboard corners
  • Oven backsplashes
  • Bottom oven drawer
  • Dishwasher Gasket
  • Tops of ceiling fan blades

Those were just a few details but the point is make sure you are happy.  If a perfect job makes you happy be ready to point out a few things because that’s the reality.  Even our Visual Clean System doesn’t create perfection.

Inflated and/or Grandiose Claims

When talking to cleaning companies focus on their check-sheet and you having access to it before you commit.  If they make statements such as “our professional (a word beaten into the ground) maids strive (ick another word beaten into the ground) for perfection… or use the words perfect or perfection just move on.  Generic pie in the sky claims of perfection or “never missing,” etc are a bad sign.

So what should a cleaning company promise?  The same thing we do: Great check-sheet (we use the Visual Clean System) and a walk-through at the end so any issues can be fixed before the maids leave.  Pass on claims on perfection.  That’s just lame sales/marketing.

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