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Trusted Maid Service

Since 2007 Maids In America has been trusted to take care of the cleaning service needs of offices and homes in Tuscaloosa County.

4000 + Cleaned

Over the last eleven years we have cleaned over 4000 homes and business in Tuscaloosa County.

  • Eleven years of “actual” experience as a cleaning business
  • Verified BBB members with an A+ rating
  • D&B rated Alabama cleaning service corporation

Tuscaloosa’s longest running cleaning service corporation since 2007.

24×7 Online Scheduling

Our online cleaning system is mobile friendly and allows you to book and even change cleaning appointments.

  • Select only cleaning services you need 24×7 online!

  • Or call us during working hours and we’ll help you customize your cleaning

With our design cleaning option you can make our cleaning program match your budget and needs.

The Visual Clean System

Our cleaning team is trained with visual cleaning charts and checks off visual cleaning charts as they clean.

  • Consistent cleaning quality each and every visit
  • Adults learn better “visually” – Wharton School of Business
  • With our visual system our cleaning team learns faster and cleans better

We developed the Visual Clean System to reduce the most common cleaning consistency issues and it works!

What To Expect

Your path to a great cleaning experience begins with customer orientation and ends with walking through your clean home with our cleaning team

cleaning schedule

Book Appointment

Book instantly online 24×7 and get an automatic confirmation to your phone or email. Or, if you prefer, call us and we’ll help you setup a date and time that works for you!

cleaning orientation


Spend 90 seconds watching 2 videos with Olivia and checking off 5 questions and you’re ready to go! You even get a copy of our deep & basic cleaning check sheet!

maid team arrives

Team Arrives

Our team arrives ready to clean. You don’t have to worry about supplies or equipment – we bring everything and are licensed, bonded, and fully insured!

Touring your clean home

Tour Home

Right before our team finishes you are called to join in a quality walk-through. Use our check sheet & walk through with the maids to make sure you are satisfied.

Hardwood Experts

We clean hardwood floors with chemicals that leave zero residue, never dulling or streaking your floors.

  • Hardwood safe low moisture microfiber mopping
  • Commercial chemicals designed for hardwood
  • No streaked up floors or dirt attracting residue

We guarantee our hardwood mopping to be streak free. If you notice any streaks or residue during the walk-through let us know and we’ll fix it!

Truly Clean Floors

We guarantee great quality mopping with all floor types – not just hardwood. The right chemicals and equipment every time.

  • Low moisture microfiber – no wet-dirty-sloppy buckets
  • Modern and safe commercial cleaning chemicals

  • No dirt smearing – we use multiple pads!

Nothing beats using commercial microfiber mops with multiple pads and the right chemical. Fresh pads per area mean no contamination issues!

Safe Chemicals

All chemicals and/or cleaning products are safe around people and pets. Keeping your home safe is part of our job.

  • Most products “Green Certified” by green seal – greenseal.org
  • We have been participants in the OSHA safety program since 2010
  • All our chemicals have MSDS safety sheets and our team follows these.

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our people and to make sure only safe chemicals are used on your home or office

Cleaning Service Questions

• Do you provide your own cleaning supplies & equipment
• Yes, in order to maintain consistent cleaning quality we always provide our own supplies/equipment.
• Is Your Maid Service licensed and bonded?
• Yes, select the orientation menu option and scroll to bottom to open up links

For more FAQ’s watch our FAQ video with Olivia!

Custom Cleaning Service

While we have always offered custom housekeeping cleaning options we are now making it easier. Need something between a “basic clean” and “deep clean?” For example Basic + Baseboards? We can accommodate online or via phone. If you click on the Design Cleaning option on the menu you can get your price and schedule without even picking up the phone if you don’t want to call!

Of course you can still call us anytime with questions!

Cleaning Service Tips

Cleaning tips taken from our  maid service blog division.

Clean Fast

From Our Clean Fast series – How to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes flat – a tip for our Maids:

• Start At The Top – This way dirt/dust falls from the higher surfaces to the lower areas you haven’t cleaned yet!
• Load/start dishwasher and put oven in self-clean cycle – Even put in stove eyes and light covers (if necessary) covers your dishwasher.
• Dust high areas then continue dusting to the baseboards.
• Wipe down appliances and cabinets, then sweep and mop floor.

Finally, once dishwasher is done cleaning put up dishes, light fixture covers and oven eyes (if you have them). Done cleaning!

Hardwood Tips

Updated tips for your hardwood floor cleaning needs. Home Cleaning tips for engineered hardwood from our janitorial service and maids:

• Use microfiber commercial mops and pads
• Use cleaning products that are designed for water based “finished” floors (mistakenly called “waxed” sometimes.”
• Make sure you get premixed “ready to use” hardwood cleaner so you do not have issues with proper dilution and/or hard water.
• Replace your mop pad every 150 square feet.

If you have to dilute use distilled water only. Check out our Visual Clean for more floor cleaning tips.

Clean Floors Fast

More Clean Fast series Tips – How to clean your Floors in 15 minutes flat – another House Cleaning Tip:

• When vacuuming carpets work backwards out of each room. Move quickly and reduce overlap.
• Using a special hard floor attachment vacuum hard floors instead of sweeping. Use a nozzle attachment for corners/edges as well.
• Use professional microfiber mops when mopping any surface.
• Wipe down appliances and cabinets, then sweep and mop floor.

A final note is to make sure you get the right attachment for you vacuum or, while vacuuming hard floors, it will blow dust into the air.

Cleaning Electronics

Cleaning Electronics Around The Home – Keep your electronics dust free:

• When wiping down the outside of a computer or laptop spray your rag (not the computer) with simple alcohol or window cleaner
• Use microfiber rags
• Do not stick a vacuum inside or directly on the computer to clean dust case as vacuums generate static electricity
• When cleaning the computer monitor user specialized computer monitor cleaner or glasses cleaner – do not use harsh window cleaner

A final note is that if you clean the inside of your computer use a pressurized dust removal can.

Happy Customers!

About Our Cleaning Service

In 2007 Maids In America started providing cleaning service in Northport, AL. Since then we have expanded to offer maid service and janitorial nationwide!

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