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Our maid service serves Tuscaloosa and Northport, providing the highest quality home & office cleaning services.
Tuscaloosa maid service with high heat sanitization
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Welcome Home To A Clean House

Our maid service uses 310 degree vapor cleaning to ensure great cleaning results

Super Heat

Our vapor cleaning removes allergens, dust mites, and blows away oven grime and mildew!

Reliable maid service for your home and office.

Reliable Maid Service

Guaranteed quality and trusted maid service staff taking care of your house, apartment, and business cleaning needs.

Discounted cleaning

Multiple Cleaning Discount

Save up to 55% on recurring cleanings. Our cleaning voucher program offers you tremendous savings on additional cleanings.

How Does Our Maid Service Work?

Get an instant quote online for your home cleaning. Tuscaloosa and Northport areas covered


Schedule your maid service online 24 x 7


Customer education results in the highest maid service satisfaction levels


Our cleaning team arrives ready to clean your home


Walk through your clean home with our Tuscaloosa / Northport maid service team


Pay only when satisfied with our cleaning service


What To Expect From Our Maid Service

Heat Based Home Cleaning

It’s amazing how well 310 degree heat sanitizes and blows out dirty oven grime and shower mildew… Amazing. Just watch us work. 😉

Employees Screened & Trained

We perform a background check on every employee first. Then we put them through a training program to ensure uniform maid service quality.

Equipped, Supplied And Ready

We supply our own commercial grade supplies and equipment with our maid service as our standard policy.

Eleven Years Serving Tuscaloosa

Our Maid Service has been the top rated house cleaning and janitorial service in Tuscaloosa County for 11 years. It shows in our cleaning quality

Custom Cleaning Service

Maids In America has always offered custom cleaning options. Need something between a “basic clean” and “deep clean?” For example Basic + Baseboards? We have always been able to accommodate but now if you click on the Design Cleaning option on the menu you can get your price and schedule without even picking up the phone!

Of course you can still call us anytime with questions!

Our maid service team is ready to clean your home.

Tuscaloosa Housekeeping

Great Home Cleaning Starts With Communication

Not only do we lock a date and time window in for cleaning your home or office we also automatically remind you via text service of the maids arrival.  Check on the status of your cleaning via our customer portal on our website along with assigned housekeeper information and our 50 point checklist.

Schedule Online

Don’t have time to call or email?  Just click on the schedule now option and let us handle the rest of the housekeeping setup for you.  We will automatically send you a brief and simple customer orientation form which includes a copy of our 50-point deep clean checklist.

We Understand Hardwood

We clean hardwood floors the right way. We do not use vinegar, which degrades the finish, or saturate the floor with a big sloppy mop bucket. We use appropriate techniques and chemicals such as Bona and low moisture microfiber mops.

Modern Mopping Techniques

We use commercial microfiber mopping systems from Rubbermaid for most of our floor cleaning. When appropriate we add-in 300 degree vapor cleaning for stubborn areas on your floor as well.

ECO Friendly Chemicals

We drawl on our experience from our commercial cleaning division by using safe and effective chemicals. We have found that in many cases commercial cleaning chemicals are more effective then consumer versions.

Additional house cleaning and maid services

Need move out cleaning? We can perform this maid service in Tuscaloosa, Northport, Vance
We provide tile and grout cleaning for Tuscaloosa, Northport, and Vance
We perform carpet cleaning for Tuscaloosa, Northport, and Vance

Maid Service House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

Washing Microfiber

Microfiber mop pads and rags are very effective for cleaning without transferring contaminants (dirt) back to the surface they are used on. Make sure when you wash you use a low residue detergent like Tide pods and when you are drying them don’t use dryer sheets as they will ruin the ionic (positive charge) properties of the rags.

Cleaning High Areas

Do a search for a “microfiber wall wiper.” They should cost you about $10 complete, are light, and save a tremendous amount of time cleaning walls and high areas with a reach of about 10′ or greater.

Glass Cleaning Tips

Need to clean high windows and tired of the squeegee? There are better ways of cleaning then with a squeegee.
Microfiber glass pads combined with a microfiber wall wiper are faster and leave better looking windows as well.
You can get poles with a reach of 20′ for these pads as well and still do a good job.

Happy Customers

H. Lucas

C. Hancock

J. A. Gleaves

Bonus House Cleaning Tips

Vapor Cleaners

310 degree Vapor is great for cleaning many environments. Our maid service and janitorial service use them in areas they work better in such as removing mildew or oxidation. Only use distilled water when filling the vapor cleaner and pre-spray the area to be cleaned with the appropriate chemical. It’s a myth that a vapor cleaner can clean with just distilled water alone. Vapor cleaners need help via pre-spraying chemicals (not in the vapor cleaner but with a bottle or pump sprayer) as straight water cannot break surface tension enough and needs surfactants (cleaning chemicals) to help.

Maids and cleaning service personnel use vapor cleaners for cleaning tasks such as:

Oxidation (rust) • grills • drains • mildew • hard water

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