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Cleaning Tips | Bathroom Cleaning 2021| 2021

Put your Flintstones Cleaning Tips

Yabba dabba doo – We have some great stuff on saving you time when cleaning your bathroom.  Not to mentions the results will be better without any nasty bleach.  Sorry Fred & Barney – we’re moving on to the Jetsons now.

Our cleaning services – maid, janitorial, etc always use the most efficient modern methods.

Flintstone Tips



People ... like Fred and Barney ... who hate science would rather waste a good ingredient for tenderizing ribs on chrome/stainless steel.

Just Don't Go There

Man... I don't even know where to start so I won't. Vinegar is just another crappy trend brought to you by Ignorant Housekeeping Magazine. Even spit (if you rub hard enough) can clean.

Jetson Tips


mobile cleaning

Safe & Amazing

Foamy Q&A or Starbrite (a generic clone) remove limescale - rust - soap scum - etc from chrome and stainless steel instantly - or close to it.

Phosphoric Acid

Foamy Q&A has a phosphoric acid base that is buffered (neutralizes after a few minutes) so it's save and will not damage stainless steel like HCL would.




Wilma keeps trying to tell Fred that there are numerous studies that show bleach doesn't even fully disinfect or completely kill mold spores or sources of mildew... but

Caveman's Favorite

Fred doesn't listen and applies bleach on just about everything (vinegar on everything else). Bleach sucks unless you are washing white towels.



No only is foamy Q&A a safe and effective limescale removing phosphoric acid it's also a powerful QUAT disinfectant.

Actually Disinfects

Like Sani-T-10 Plus Foamy Q&A is a 4th generation quat-based sanitizer. Bleach doesn't cut it and is nasty and caustic.

Remove Soap Scum & Rust

This should be the core of your cleaning regimen anytime stainless steel, chrome, or rust / limescale is an issue.

2021 Clean Bathroom
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2021 Clean Bathroom
It's 2021 and 2022 is approaching! Lets get into "clean and sanitary bathrooms" the modern way. Just say no to bleach, vinegar, and other bogus cleaning tips because it's not 1921!
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