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Cleaning Updates | The Visual Clean System | 2020-2021

In 2009-2010 we started and finished the development of the Visual Clean System 1.0 with our newly created division – Engineered Clean.

The Visual Clean System is now used with all Maids In America divisions including our nationwide residential to small/medium business cleaning service – Maids In America corporate and franchise.

It’s come a long way …

Visual Clean System 1.0

The original Visual Clean System was a comprehensive cleaning education and control set of procedures and diagrams – all with illustrated graphics and/or pics on laminated cards. 

Cleaning personnel would check off as each task is completed via a “wet eraser” marker along with noting exceptions.  It was designed for large scale cleaning operations that would otherwise meltdown without it.

The original Visual Clean System was designed for commercial clients to provide consistent cleaning quality that allowed us to control:

  • How To Clean – By not leaving anything to chance procedures were created and followed for every single cleaning process – from cleaning toilet bowels to restoring chrome.  This also includes what chemicals and equipment to apply to each task.
  • What To Clean – Nothing to chance is the key phrase here.  Everything that needs to be cleaned in – for example – an office break room is spelled out
  • When To Clean – No haphazard disorganized cleaning but, instead, a “cleaning route” – like a postal or paper route a logical order of areas to clean along with average cleaning times expected per area.

Visual Clean System 2.0

Two big changes where introduced in version 2.0 of our Visual Clean Quality Control System:

  • Residential and small to medium business versions were added
  • Limited 3D animation version were added as appropriate by task and it was made available online as well as on traditional laminated cards

Visual Clean System 2.1 - COVID-19 revision

With the pandemic there needed to be an increased emphasis on sanitization which, while already in all our procedures, was further illustrated and repeated to make sure that:

  • QUAT (super disinfectants used at hospitals) based cleaners were used
  • High “touch” areas were disinfected (along with normal areas) such as doorknobs, etc
  • Personnel dressed appropriately with masks, gloves, and – in appropriate cases – shields/hazmat suits
  • Procedures were added for nano-vapor fogging and high temperature vapor cleaning.

Visual Clean System 2021 - Finishing by end of year 2020

Video training has probably been king for a long time.  Even with animated training and other methods we’ve used nothing seems to beat watching a real person executing a task.  Adults learn better visually which includes video instruction as well as graphical illustration.

The Visual Clean System 2021 will be identical to version 2.1 with the exception of a library of video training procedures added in for major cleaning tasks.  We have a production studio that will provide:

  • 4k UHD quality videos
  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound
  • Mobile friendly videos
  • Major production quality – that we already have in our studios
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The Visual Clean System 2020
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