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So Much Bad Information

The cleaning industry is full of advice based on Sally guessing that spit and vinegar cleaned her instead of the fact that if she just scrubbed long enough spit would of probably worked alone.

People love buzzwords and over the last several years it’s been “magic vinegar”  to the rescue.. or even worse combined with baking soda.  Let me get off my soap box and get the useful stuff:



Nope. Vinegar isn't magic. It's a weak acid that while in concept (acid is used in an environment with alkaline contaminants such as lime scale (restrooms) ) should work.It's just too weak and it's only your imagination it does anything at all. Another piece of advice - keep it away from your hardwood floors - please.




Bleach is an alkaline which is the exact opposite of the chemistry recommended to clean the most common issues in restrooms such as lime scale / soap scum /etc.Just keep it away and use if for white clothes and towels in the laundry room.


The MOST Effective Bathroom Cleaner

The most effective bathroom cleaner and disinfectant is Foamy Q&A from Spartan Chemicals. We use it because of the self-neutralizing (safer) phosphoric acid (very safe) that remove hard water, lime, calcium oxidation from bathrooms fast.


bark keepers friend

A Very Effective Bathroom Cleaner

Honorable mention goes to Bar Keepers Friend which has oxalic acid in it which is also wonderful for calcium/rust/lime buidup.

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Drop the bleach or vinegar, Good Housekeeping, and Folklore Cleaning mis-information and put science to work to get a clean bathroom that.
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