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Trusted Maid Service

Vapor Heat is effective and safe for home cleaning

Heat Cleans

Our maids use less chemicals high heat which sanitizes your home with less residue keeping it clean longer.

We have cleaned over 3500 customer in Tuscaloosa County

3500+ Customers

Since 2007 we have been the highest rated cleaning service in Alabama. Just ask our happy customers.

We offer customized cleaning options for your home or business

Custom Options

With our Custom Clean program you can use our checklist as a menu and select only home cleaning services you need.

Reliable and trustworthy maid service

Trustworthy Maids

You will receive the highest cleaning service quality with each and every housekeeping visit for your home.

What To Expect From Our Housekeeping

High Heat

We are integrating 310 degree vapor cleaner units for super sanitization and making quick work of nasty ovens, mildew, etc in your home….


All of our cleaning personnel are background checked and trained. We are licensed,bonded, and insured with two million dollar liability coverage.

Equipped To Work

When our cleaning service team arrives at your home or office door they are organized, equipped, and ready to give you superior cleaning quality.

Since 2007

For eleven years we have been the top rated house cleaning and janitorial service in Tuscaloosa County. We find a way to improve our housekeeping every day!

Maid Service Q&A

• Are you licensed and bonded?
o Yes, select the orientation menu option and scroll to bottom to open up links
• What time window do you normally arrive for a scheduled cleaning?
o Our policy is to be at your home within a one-hour window.

For more FAQ’s watch our cleaning questions video with Olivia!

Custom Cleaning Service

Maids In America has always offered custom housekeeping cleaning options. Need something between a “basic clean” and “deep clean?” For example Basic + Baseboards? We have always been able to accommodate but now if you click on the Design Cleaning option on the menu you can get your price and schedule without even picking up the phone!

Of course you can still call us anytime with questions!


Our Maids

Tuscaloosa’s Top Rated Maid Service

Move In/Out Clean – Carpet – Tile

Since 2007 Maids In America has cleaned homes & offices in Tuscaloosa and is expanding to other areas of the nation.  Whether you are serviced by our home office in Tuscaloosa, AL or one of our new offices the high customer service standard remains the same. Uniform, consistent cleaning results every time we clean. Need something improved? Our housekeeping customer service is on top of it no matter where you are.

We Know Hardwood

We clean hardwood floors the correct way. No vinegar or acidic chemicals that, over time, degrade floor finish. We use chemicals such as Bona and low moisture microfiber mops along with distilled water based solutions (no hard water).

Modern Mopping

For most of our floor cleaning we use commercial microfiber mopping systems from Rubbermaid. When appropriate we use CRB scrubbing based machines and/or low moisture vapor machines for spot cleaning.

ECO Friendly

Our experience from our commercial cleaning division transfer benefits over to the residential side with the use of safe and effective chemicals. In most cases commercial cleaning chemicals are safer and more effective then consumer versions.

Cleaning Tips

No More Shower Scum

When cleaning shower “scum” keep in mind what it is and what chemical is best. Shower scum is mostly calcium, lime, and rust (CLR) which are considered in the cleaning chemistry world as “high ph.” The ph of pure water is around a 7 … or neutral. Unfortunately your normal unconditioned water is above a a 7 – usually around a 9-10 (alkaline vs acid) when it collects on your shower walls.
Your best method to clean the shower are mild acid based cleaners such as bar keepers friend or “the works” (not the one with bleach) as they counter with an acidic ph of around 2. Bleach is not advisable as it doesn’t work nearly as well since it’s high ph also when you need the opposite ph to clean with. This applies to everything in cleaning – for example DE-greasers work great with ovens because the food stains are acidic and a DE-greaser is an alkaline with a ph of about 12.

Removing Iron Oxide

When trying to remove rings from around faucets and drains use Barkeepers Friend powder version. Barkeepers friend contains oxalic acid which cleans iron oxide and calcium. It’s safe to use on stainless steel and chrome. For tougher stains use phosphoric acid based products such as SpartanChemical Foamy QA.

Hardwood Floor Tips

When cleaning hardwood make sure that you use low moisture and microfiber pads vs the ol’ slop mop bucket. Also use hardwood cleaner, and, if dilution is required by the product only mix with distilled or reverse osmosis water as standard tap (hard) water will leave streaks (calcium/rust deposits) dulling floor.

Stainless Steel Tips

Our janitorial/residential services Know how to get the most out of stainless steel. Clean stainless steel with a phosphoric acid product formulated for stainless steel which removes calcium/iron oxide. Once cleaned further shine and protect with an petroleum distillates based (vs water based) stainless steel cleaner/polish.

Happy Customers

Hailey Lucas

Caitlin Hancock

The Chisholms

Bonus Home Cleaning Tips

Using Vapor Cleaners

Vapor cleaners are great for cleaning in commercial and residential environments. Our janitorial and maid service use them in areas they truly work better then conventional methods such as removing heavy grease or oxidation. Only use distilled water to fill the vapor cleaner and pre-spray the area to be cleaned with the appropriate chemical. It’s a common myth that a vapor cleaner can clean with just distilled water alone. Even a vapor cleaner needs pre-spraying chemicals (not in the vapor cleaner but with a bottle or pump sprayer) as straight water cannot break surface tension enough and needs surfactants (cleaning chemicals) to help.

Housekeepers and cleaning service techs use vapor cleaners for specific cleaning tasks such as:

Oxidation (rust) • oven grills • sink drains • mold/mildew/hard water

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