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Odor Removal Series | Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Part II: Removing Smoker Smell

Removing smoker smell from a house or apartment is quite a challenge for our maid service that doesn’t always get it completely out the first round.  Instead of having multiple cleaning service visits take control of your cleaning needs with part 2 of our blog series on getting rid of odors.

You’ll find that most of the tips listed are common sense but there are few surprises as well that most people don’t have access to information wise that should help.

pet stain removal

Smoke OUT

Cigarette smoke permeates the walls, furniture, carpet and ceiling and sometimes will not completely come out without total replacing fixtures.  In this article we will focus on what you can control and the best methods and chemicals to use.

Oh yeah…  Skip the articles that recommend baking soda and vinegar … Geez.  It’s just bad science and the default combination for anyone writing an odor removal or stain removal article.  I don’t have room here to go into the reasons but just skip the old wives tales and hillbilly housekeeping tips.

Clean The Air

Just plug it in and while drawing less energy than a 15-watt light bulb, the Hamilton Beach True Air Fan/Filter pulls in air, passes it through three carbon filters to remove dust and odors, and sends fresh air back into the room.

You’ll have to … and want to … keep this constantly running to keep the air fresh and help eliminate smoke smells that still linger from UN-cleanable sources such as spray on ceilings.

Brown Out = Smoke OUT

pet stain removal

Brownout has a modified phosphoric acid that is self-neutralizing or “buffered.”  It also has a great re-wetting agent in it as well preventing it from drying up before it does it’s job.

Brownout is commonly used for coffee stain removal but is great to spray on walls (some paint types such as zero gloss flat may smear), ceilings, fabric, etc to neutralize smoke odors.

Little Things

air filter cleaning

Here is the list of simple things that will help clean out the odors:

  • Replace (don’t clean) all air filters
  • Open all windows and circulate with fans while cleaning
  • Wipe down walls using “brown out” – skip the vinegar
  • Run a carpet cleaner on your carpet – use brownout
  • Clean your upholstery with brownout
  • Mop corner to corner using a strong enzyme or QUAT such as bio-conqueror or DMQ from Spartan Chemical
  • Machine wash all drapes

A Few More Tips...

  • Clean all vent covers and as much of the initial entryway of your vents as possible
  • Clean all wall hangings
  • Put coffee grounds around house to absorb smell
  • Steam up a pan of water and add vanilla to it – let the steam escape throughout the entire house (may have to do a couple and place them)
  • Put charcoal out in your rooms in a plastic container

Smoke -n- Mirrors

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