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Odor Removal Series | Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Part III: Odor of Rotten Food

In part III of our odor removal series we focus on rotten food.  Coming home to a fridge that had the power off for a week can be an experience.  Our maid service has cleaned up several situations where the odor of rotten food required masks and lots of ventilation just to complete.

As a result of “odor challenges” our cleaning team has found the fastest and most effective way to get in – remove the odors – and get out before it gets them.

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enzyme pet odor cleaner

Double Teaming Chemicals

Save the bleach for keeping your whites white and follow our directions on the right products to use.  This is serious business and keep in mind you aren’t just removing odors but dangerous bacteria so let’s do it right.  There are two products we will recommend and should be used in the order listed.

This article assumes you have removed the food and rinsed out everything with lots of water and general cleaners first as common sense would dictate.

Step I: Ecolyze It

enzyme pet odor cleaner

Consume Eco-Lyzer is a QUAT (quaternary-based disinfectant) that wipes out pathogenic and odor causing bacteria and viruses.

QUATs are the gold standard for disinfecting hospitals.  Bleach is no substitute and will note remove all bacteria.

The main job of Ecolyzer is disinfect the area up to hospital level standards and not to necessarily create a pleasant smell.  That’s the next step.

Step II: Enzyme It

pet stain cleaning

Bio-Conqueror 105 liquid is a bioactive solution that
eliminates the actual source of the odor. It cleans and works quickly to remove bacterial concentrations work and consume the source of the malodor.

We use it as an after step in dangerous situations such as rotten food/etc just in case Ecolyzer missed something during application and to leave a pleasant smell behind.

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Odor Removal Series Part III: Rotten Food
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Odor Removal Series Part III: Rotten Food
One of the nastiest odors right below dead bodies and just worse than animal urine is rotten - spoiled food. In part 3 of the odor removal series we give tips on shutting down this odor.
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