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COVID-19 SERIES | Cleaning | 2019

Over the last two months much has changed in the cleaning industry because of the COVID-19 challenge the World has faced.

Our company, a group of residential and janitorial divisions has changed standard operating procedures and safety standards to meet the challenge and keep homes and businesses safe and sanitary.

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It Starts With Internal Culture

As a cleaning company change has to happen internally first which means better habits, procedures, and safety standards that our employees follow.

We start with keeping our team safe which translates into keeping customers safe.  A few highlights:

  • Everyone in the team is temperature checked on workdays
  • Standard questions related to COVID-19 safety are asked
  • Safety gloves and masks are worn
  • In some cases face shields and bio-hazard cleaning suits are worn
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Keeping Homes Safe


  • Standard PPE including masks and gloves are issued and required for our cleaning team
  • Maids follow practices including changing gloves between clients and using hand sanitizers between gloves
  • All maids are trained on bio-hazard safety


  • As in our commercial cleaning division our Maids now use a 3rd Generation QUAT based disinfectant that kills all viruses / bacteria / etc
  • QUAT based disinfectant wipes are used


  • More emphasis is put on high-traffic areas such as door handles, other handles, etc
  • The use of disposable products increased such as wipes and/or paper towels with less use of microfiber rags

Keeping Business Safe


The janitorial cleaning team wears masks and gloves before entering businesses

  • Cleaning Techs follow safety practices such as changing gloves between customers and/or areas using hand sanitizers between glove changes for example
  • All staff is trained on bio-hazard safety


  • Our commercial cleaning has used 3rd Generation QUAT based disinfectant for years but now uses it for more applications
  • QUAT based wipes are used (or QUAT enhanced) vs standard wipes


  • More time and focus is directed on disinfecting high-touch areas such as door handles, other handles, etc
  • The use of disposable alternatives to microfiber and/or cloth rags has increased

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