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Odor Removal Series | Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Part I: Odor Removal Products

We’ve found that we get a lot of “full reads” from any blog article related to odor removal.  There’s a lot out there to stop odors and many types of odors to combat so we thought we’d create a 3 part series on Odors and removing them vs just hiding or masking foul smells.

While our maids don’t necessarily use everything in this product review (such as the air filter) in the field we do use them in our homes if nothing else.

pet odor removal

Great Odor Eliminators

With odors from many sources including food, pets and ourselves homes can get pretty smelly.  While scented air fresheners are available they only temporarily mask odors, vs eliminate them completely.

The definition of clean is “free from dirt, pollution, or pollutants / contaminants” Consistent cleaning with disinfecting cleaners is the foundation to living as close to the definition of clean as you reasonably can.

There are products available that do a great job in eliminating odors.  While we have reviewed several that are incredible including Bio Conqueror from Fresh Products in the last blog on pet odors. In our testing, we focused on tough odors to control and the products that are the most effective with great value.

Neutralize Odors With No Chemicals

Just plug it in and while drawing less energy than a 15-watt light bulb, the Hamilton Beach True Air Fan/Filter pulls in air, passes it through three carbon filters to remove dust and odors, and sends fresh air back into the room.

Each unit will cover a 10-by-10-square-foot room for three months until it’s time to replace the filter.

NEW Pet Odor Eliminator KING

pet odor removal

Previously I would say that nothing touches Natures Solution from NCL labs or Bio Conqueror – Mango – from Fresh Products but… things change.

After learning about Anti-Icki-Poo from MisterMax products from another blog I decided to test it and … wow.  It shuts pet odors down for good.

Similar to Natures Solution it uses live bacteria enzymes but it seems to bat at a higher average as far as eliminating odors the first time.  Great stuff if you have pets.

The Best Air Freshner

There are a lot of air fresheners available in various forms.  Unfortunately most of them only add fragrance to the air and don’t eliminate odor. I don’t want “linen fresh” masked urine.  Instead use Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Gel Air Freshener that eliminates odor with technology.

Renuzit traps offensive odor molecules using ring-shaped cyclodextrin molecules (imperceptible to the human nose). The gel in the formula traps malodor molecules and eliminates odors.

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