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Product Reviews | Designer Cleaning Products | 2020

The cleaning product industry is organized – mostly – the following categories:

  • Janitorial – Commercial cleaning products – many of which we use in homes as well as businesses or institutions
  • Bulk Cleaners – Common low cost cleaners with many that are effective, safe, and “green”
  • Designer Cleaners – Our focus today.  Some are great while others are great marketing re-selling a generic/cheap cleaner (or worse, junk) at an inflated cost
method cleaning products

It's All Marketing & Distribution

Before we get started you need to understand that the cleaning product industry is centered around recycling old technology under different buzz words.  Many products you see today are using technology from the 1970’s but have thought of new buzzwords and packaging to give it new life.

There is no such thing as a consumer cleaning product – products we are focusing on today – that spends more than 1% of their budget on research and development.  99% of their cost is marketing and logistics.  The more they talk about innovative exclusive patent pending (it will always be “pending”) formula’s the less credible they are.

Designer Cleaning Products

By “designer” I’m specifically referring to the “fancy stuff.”  Cleaning products with so much marketing polish that in some cases you could use the containers they come in to decorate your home.

Just The Stuff That Is Up To Snuff

Instead of languishing with the world’s longest BLOG or a multi-part BLOG I’ll just cut to the products we have found that meet the following criteria as designer cleaners worth the fancy price that almost live up to the marketing:

  • No Perchloroethylene  or other toxic ingredients
  • No overuse of junk fragrances such as Phthalates which are found in air freshners
  • Not sold via fraudulent marketing/methods such as Young Living products for example
  • Cost is in line with products with nicer packaging and better convenience (about 20-30% more)

Below are some of the best designer cleaning products we have found and actually use in our maid service (residential division).

PS: Honorable mention to Mrs Meyers cleaning products and dishonorable mention to Young Living cleaning and general product – scam.

Method Cleaning Products

method cleaning products

Method products are extremely well packaged, presented, and smell so good that our customers can tell – by smell – if we used one of their products.  Of course there is no amazing cleaning power magic here so customers would not be able to tell by how clean their home is (if we used Method) as many products we use either meet or exceed Method’s abilities.

That being said Method is a great – safe – cleaning product for consumers that doesn’t cross the lines in marketing and smells great using non-toxic chemicals that leave little to no residue.

Affresh Cleaning Products

Affresh has acomplete line of products mostly focused on the kitchen and laundry.  Their marketing is great with the green and simple look and their stainless steel cleaner, while expensive, is great and fool proof for inexperienced consumers.

We are beginning to use their products in limited testing with stainless steel because it’s less likely the cleaning person will botch the process as our commercial products (1-2 combination of QA Foamy and an oil based stainless steel conditioner) are more complicated to use.

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Designer Cleaning Products
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Today's cleaning product industry is saturated with "designer" cleaning products that, in some cases, can be solid cleaners but in other cases great marketing selling garbage in a bottle.
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