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Microfiber Cleaning Rag Review| Cleaning Tips| 2020

Your home has many precious items in it that can be expensive and/or irreplaceable sentimental in value.  You have insurance to protect yourself from total loss so why not make sure it’s cleaned and maintained correctly also?

While you can easily use almost any kind of cloth, rag, or paper product to clean there’s nothing quite like a great microfiber cloth when it comes to picking up the tiniest particles and protecting glass/chrome/stainless steel…

Picking the microfiber rag can be tricky since they all look the same initially.  Good thing we’ve come up with this review and guide to save you time!

Great Odor Eliminators

With odors from many sources including food, pets and ourselves homes can get pretty smelly.  While scented air fresheners are available they only temporarily mask odors, vs eliminate them completely.

The definition of clean is “free from dirt, pollution, or pollutants / contaminants” Consistent cleaning with disinfecting cleaners is the foundation to living as close to the definition of clean as you reasonably can.

There are products available that do a great job in eliminating odors.  While we have reviewed several that are incredible including Bio Conqueror from Fresh Products in the last blog on pet odors. In our testing, we focused on tough odors to control and the products that are the most effective with great value.

The Criteria

Microfiber rags are simple as far as evaluation criteria.  The keys are:

  • Fabric density – 250 GSM (grams per square meter) or more
  • How well does it pick up water?
  • Is it firm and doesn’t stretch or give much?

The Best Overall

Zwipes 735 Microfiber cleaning cloths are the most popular choice among vehicle owners for a reason.  Vehicle owners?  Yeah…  Car buffs are your best litmus test for any microfiber cloth/towel. 

It’s main strengths are:

  • Plush
  • Dries quick
  • Great on glass
  • 16×12 size

The Best Air Freshner

cleaning with towels

Zeroedge detailing towels – yeah, normally meant for automobile buffs – are the overall best at cleaning.  They aren’t #1 because of cost but they are by far the most durable and best at absorbing water/liquid.  They keys are:

  • Dual pile split microfiber fabric
  • 16×16 inches
  • GSM: 360
  • Ultra absorbent


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