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Product Reviews | Mopping 2021| 2021

There are four common types of mops essentially:

slop mop

The Old Bucket Mop

While useful in very ruff industrial areas that require massive "flushing" they are generally obsolete because of the dirty water concept.

gimmick mop

The "Gimmick" Mop

Failed consumer junk such as the "spin mop" and other non-sense leaves floors streaky and with dirty film.

steam mop

The Steam Mop

While the high temperature steam helps it ultimately fails due to slow cleaning and the fact it is still dependent on the right chemicals and pad replacements like the microfiber mop.

microfiber mop

The Commercial Microfiber Mop

The most useful mop in 98% of residential and commercial situations. Use the right cleaning solutions and replace mop heads every 100-150 square feet while cleaning and you'll get superior results - fast. We use these with our maid service and janitorial divisions.

Standard Mop Operating Procedure (SMOP)

Make sure you follow SMOP when mopping with your microfiber mop.

  • Change pads every 100-150 square feet so you don’t deposit dirty residue back on the floor
  • Use different pads for bathrooms – don’t use the same pad for other areas!
  • Make sure – for the average home – you have about 25 pads
  • Use a pump sprayer vs a spray bottle to spread your mop cleaning product on evenly
  • If you have to mix up your floor cleaner first use distilled or RO water only – skip the hard water

One final note: We use microfiber mops whether steam or commercial standard with all our divisions from janitorial to home cleaning.

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Mopping 2021
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Mopping 2021
It's 2021 and if you are still using sloppy mops & buckets or cheap toys from the Dollar Store it's time to upgrade for cleaner and more sanitary floors.
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