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The Future Is Here & Science Wins

So what did that post by Nancy Know-it all say in Facebook?  Mix some apple cider vinegar with dental paste – add to an old newspaper and scrub the oven with it?

People get excited about “hacks” or other ghost stories but usually make a simple task of – for example – cleaning an oven – much harder in the first place.

So here are some factoids and tips that are based on science and our experienced maid service division cleaning thousands of ovens and kitchens.


oven cleaning


Oven cleaner is banned by Maids In America including our franchise investors. Just like bleach it's not allowed by corporate or franchise locations. Here's the fastest way to blow through an oven in any condition - and safest:

SD-20 + Scrubbing

In most cases we use a product from Spartan Chemical called SD-20 which is a zero residue - soap, alkali, ammonia free cleaner.
Then we combine this with safe scrubbing pads and, when needed in extreme cases a safety scraper (designed not to gouge your ovens protective surface) and/or a 310 degree vapor cleaner.
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Safe Sanitation

kitchen cleaning

Food Contact Safe

When cleaning your kitchen you need a broad spectrum disinfectant that is considered "food grade" so there is no worries about getting sick from chemical residue.

Commerical & Home

Sani-T-10 Plus is a 4th generation quat-based, food contact sanitizer for use in food handling areas, Federally inspected meat and poultry plants, fruit and vegetable processors, restaurants, bars and institutional kitchens. Ideal to sanitize several types of food processing equipment or fruit and vegetable conveyors dishes, as well as a non-chlorinated option for egg shell sanitizing!
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For The Sink

Remove Soap Scum & Rust

A kitchen sink can build up soap scum, rust and hard water calcium fast. Foamy Q&A removes it instantly and disinfects.

Kitchen Cleaning For 2021
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Kitchen Cleaning For 2021
The future is here! Spandex jackets for everyone! Get on the science train and steam roll kitchen dirt and grime faster then ever before with these great tips from our maid service.
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