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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Starting A Cleaning Company III

It seems like every other week another startup cleaning company appears and another one disappears.   If you really want to start a cleaning service or maid service don’t worry – despite all the competition you only have yourself and what you do as an owner and
company to worry about.

The reality is that the incompetence level of other cleaning companies is staggering and just because two maids and a dollar store mop can start up their own business (I think they did actually) doesn’t mean
you have to worry about them.

So why are we.. Maids In America … creating this blog?  Aren’t we now a franchise and are creating competition with this blog?  Sure but it doesn’t really matter if you can manage cleaning and marketing like we can – no worries on our side.  Remember your not really competing with anyone but yourself.

Website Design / Hosting

This becomes tricky since we are a product of a web design & digital marketing company and I don’t want to sound like we are pushing them or anyone.  I’ll just focus on the bullet points on what to look for with a web design company:

A Website Design Company Should:

  • Have a truly complete website with no errors and a portfolio to review (run if they don’t)
  • Have their social media i’s dotted and T’s crossed – as in have great Facebook / LinkedIn / YouTube pages..etc
  • Cost should range between $1k-2k or about $150 a month if they do “rent-a-site”
  • Include a great landing page

For more information check out EngineX blogs.  They can give you an idea of what landing pages should look like and other terminology.

A final note is please do not be tempted to run a website wizard from any of the usual suspects.  Your “dope website” from WIX will fall flat and lose money.  Your ultimate “real cost” will be far higher than a website with Google Ads and other advertising.  Don’t cut corners on your website.

Facebook & Social Media

It’s easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed with options.  Focus on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter in order of importance.

Do not pay someone to create a FB page – do it yourself and use Google to find out how to create an effective FB business page.

Some Tips:

  • Keep you FB page full of useful cleaning tips you originally create.
  • Refrain from posting junk cutesy posts on FB.  FB will punish you in FB search rankings for the stupid talking dog
  • Do spokesperson type videos and actual how to clean videos on YouTube.  Don’t waste your time on junk template videos you get online or pay a video “pretender” to do.

Facebook and YouTube’s importance to your business continues to grow and is becoming a major factor.  While not as important as your website and Google rankings they are no longer something you should ignore.

Coming Next

Future installments will cover:

  • Getting hosting for your website
  • Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

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