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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Bleach vs Modern Chemicals

It seems like there has been a dependence on bleach for cleaning everything from restroom scum to ceramic tile grout.  Bleach has been the default choice as a disinfectant and mold remover.

The reality is that bleach is dead in the modern cleaning world.  Maybe not in homes yet but already in the commercial cleaning industry where institutions such as hospitals will no longer touch it.

Bad Bad Bad Bleach

Bleach is an very harsh way to get cleaning results that are inferior to a more specialized chemical.

A Few Issues:

  • Studies show bleach doesn’t actually remove mold spores completely
  • Bleach is highly corrosive
  • Bleach will corrode most metals
  • Bleach can react with other chemicals (acids) and produce a lethal chlorine gas
  • Bleach is a hit and miss disinfectant
  • Bleach doesn’t remove the source of dingy restroom tile – it just alters it’s appearance
  • Bleach from a chemical efficiency standpoint is terrible as it’s a high ph chemical commonly used where low ph (acid) chemicals should be used such as mildew, urine, or hard water removal.

There’s a reason you won’t find bleach at a hospital or advanced medical facility that is up to date on proper disinfecting techniques.

There’s also a reason you will see cleaning companies use bleach – ignorance.

Alternatives To Bleach

Bleach is no longer the jack of all trade master of none cleaning choice you have to use.  There are alternatives:

  • QUATs – A Quat (quaternary ammonium salt) – Quat has excellent wide spectrum germ kill ability, film forming residual, low toxicity and corrosivity, simple to use, good shelf life, works in a variety of pH ranges, highly concentrated, no odor, and safe on mostly all surfaces. There are neutral formulas that will not dull floor finish. Quat will not change the taste or odor of food. It is the choice disinfectant for most hospitals and health institutions.
  • Mild Acids – Mild acids such as Oxalic (Barkeepers Friend) and phosphoric acid (QA Foamy) are the most effective way to remove calcium/lime/rust in bathrooms.  It also works great to removing urine stains.

With the availability of QUATs and mild acids there is absolutely no reason to use Good Housekeeping’s 1950’s choice (bleach) for cleaning.

Bleach is dead.  Leave it alone.

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