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Cleaning Products| 2019 | Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Depending on the equipment used there’s a staggering amount of carpet cleaning products/chemicals available online, at janitorial supply shops, and at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Our cleaning service uses cleaning products that are designed to keep your carpet clean even after we are done.  If you ever clean carpet yourself we recommend you use the same along with the equipment we use as it works great.

carpet cleaning

The Old Generation

Most cleaning products for carpet are (but not all) alkaline solutions (pH above 7 and usually around 10 / 11).  These are used to cut grease and dirt.  The disadvantage (although they typically work)

  • Are designed to ONLY be used with a carpet extractor which floods your carpet and then sucks up 80% of the water it dumped


  • Due to the high alkaline nature they act as a magnet to attract more dirt once your carpet is dry

For specialty carpet cleaning such as urine / coffee carpet spot removers contain a mild acid (ph about 3) that is specific for these types of stains.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

A lot of people wonder why we switched from our big heavy truck mounts that blast carpet with water & heat to these tiny little orbital cleaning machines and how they could possible get the carpet as clean.

For years Very Low Moisture (VLM) methods have been used with buffers/orbitals and pad that run across your floor but they typically failed to bring all the dirt to the top as they scrubbed the top of the surface with pads.

The Encapsulation revolution – Encapsulation chemicals, designed to be used with VLM carpet cleaners, dissolve dirt and bring it up to the top of the carpet pile allowing it to be cleaned as well or better than Truck Mounts.  We know – we’ve used both.  Advantages are:

  • Leaves no dirt attracting residue
  • Actually continues to help clean the carpet after it’s dry!
  • Works with VLM methods so your carpet isn’t flooded
  • pH neutral and safe for all carpet types including wool

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