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The sheer number of cleaning devices ranging from useless made for TV door knob polishers to powerful floor scrubbers available to invest … or waste in is staggering.  We would know as our maid service and janitorial service division have blown a lot of time and money finding out what really works.

In part I of Top Rated Cleaning Equipment we will begin to break down the best equipment by purpose from small stuff to the big stuff.  I’ll avoid a rant on useless stuff like The Rug Doctor or baseboard buddies and focus on the positive with our limited blog space.

Top Mop

There’s a lot of mops flying into retail stores and advertising on TV to become the “Top Mop.”  Make sure you avoid the danger zone of sloppy, cheap, gimmicky or just plain obsolete mops like the old mop ‘n’ bucket and get the best like we did.

The Direct Mop Sales (or similar) pocket mop – This mop, available at directmopsales.com consists of an adjustable 8′ aluminum pole and 19″ super “fluffy” rag like mop heads that you can buy in quantity in different colors so you don’t cross-contaminate (red for restrooms, etc).

The pocket mop heads are microfiber super absorbent and, if used right, leave floors cleaner and more streak free than the cheap junk you’ll find at retail stores.

Top Duster

While the Swiffer has it’s place (in rare occasions when no other duster is available or the cats need a toy) it doesn’t meet our criteria for a great duster:

  • Washable – Something that can be reused and isn’t a constant operating cost
  • Static Charged – Attracts dirt/dust
  • Durable – isn’t fragile and doesn’t let getting wet destroy it
  • Extendable – reach 8′ areas or even higher with no ladder
  • Flexible – a head that can be bent as needed to fit objects or tight spaces
  • Delicate – Can handle dusting objects on shelves without knocking them off

It takes two dusters to meet this criteria.  For general purpose – Home Depot, Direct Mop Sales, or other long extension microfiber heads/poles with “fingers” on the head.

For delicate situations – A microfiber pole and head known as the “magic duster” available at outlets such as Weatherford Office supply does a great job not knocking stuff off shelves.

Coming Next

Future installments will cover:

  • Top Vacuum
  • Top General Applicator (sprayer)

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