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Cleaning Reviews| 2019 | Top Rated Cleaning Equipment III

With all the cleaning devices available that can either waste your time or make things easier we felt we’d share our experiences … While this isn’t exact science and our blog is subjective it might help you save some time and money.

Our maid service and janitorial service division have blown a lot of time and money finding out what really works.  So in part III of our cleaning equipment reviews we’ll break down vapor cleaners and floor scrubbers.


vapor cleaner

Top Vapor Cleaner - Mccollugh MC1375

Vapor cleaners can reduce cleaning times when used appropriately.  In many cases, though, they can make 15 minutes of work last 30 minutes so even our residential division uses them sparingly.  The high volume monster vapor equipped carts our janitorial division uses are a different discussion all together.

Practical uses for residential:

  • Ovens in horrible shape – vapor clean after pre-spraying a safe degreaser (we don’t use caustic oven cleaners)
  • Stubborn lime/mildew/rust buildup in sinks/showers combined with a mild acid pre-spray
  • Heat pressure spraying tight cracks/crevices

The list of vapor cleaners available is amazing and we have invested in about 15 different brands and models finding our favorite to be:

Mccollugh MC1375 – This vapor cleaner has it all for about $400.  Heat at 300 degrees, reasonable PSI (spraying force) at 75 and is flexible and portable.  Great for residential use but I don’t recommend it for commercial use as our janitorial division uses larger and more expensive models for heavy use.

Top Floor Scrubber - Oreck XL PRO

Orbitals are great all purpose floor machines that are used both commercially and in residential situations.  They work great in many situations:

  • Grout cleaning with a green grout cleaning “turf” pad
  • Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning which, when done right, is far more effective than portable carpet cleaners and rivals truck mounts
  • Light scrubbing / buffing hardwood floors with the right pad (be careful)
  • Concrete scrubbing with a special brush attachment
  • Many other uses

The Oreck XL Pro (550MC) is the model that gives you the most horsepower and durability for you bucks at about $375.


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