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Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Bathroom Cleaning - Tile Floors

In our bathroom cleaning tips series we breakdown tile floors which can be a challenge to clean… Especially the grout.

Pick up on what our maid service has learned with 5000+ homes cleaned.

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Cleaning Tools & Materials

With ceramic tile floors it’s important to have the right equipment.  We list core equipment needed and “ideal” which will save you elbow grease and time but is not necessary to clean successfully.


  • Stiff bristle deck broom
  • Small orbital or cylinder based scrubbing machine (ideal)
  • Vapor cleaner (ideal)
  • Microfiber Mop & pads

Cleaning Products

  • Spartan Chemical Foamy Q&A – phosphoric acid removing hard water & limescale from grout
  • Zep Calcium, Lime & Rust cleaner – contains a stabilized urea hydrochloride acid that is safe around stainless steel (as is phosphoric acid as well)
  • Barkeepers Friend Powder Version – To give this process an extra kick use this oxalic acid product for it’s abrasive action
  • Multiple gallons of distilled water – for rinsing
  • Shop Vac or other wet/dry vacuum
  • Stainless steel conditioner / cleaner to prevent the excessive moisture and fumes from eventually corroding stainless steel and chrome in bathroom

How & Why

For practical and space purposes I’m going to concentrate on the deck broom method.  “Ideal” options such as a vapor cleaner are self-explanatory if you have learned the deck broom method.

  • Saturate grout/tile with either Q&A or Zep product listed under products
  • Sprinkle barkeepers friend powder evenly across floor
  • Scrub in grout lines with a deck broom
  • Allow to dwell 30 minutes
  • Pour one gallon of distilled water for every 80 square feet and scrub again creating a slurry
  • Dwell another 10 minutes
  • Pour two – three gallons for every 80 square feet and scrub in and suck up with shop vac
  • Finish off residue with microfiber mop
  • Condition all stainless steel and chrome with stainless steel cleaner/conditioner to protect it from corrosion (due to moisture and fumes)

For grout limescale removal

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Use Stainless Steel Safe Acids For Grout

Use products that contain oxalic and/or phosphoric acid

Follow-up With Stainless Steel Cleaner & Conditioner

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Use Oil Based Stainless Steel Cleaner

Smoke -n- Mirrors

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips - Tile Floors
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips - Tile Floors
In our cleaning tips series we've broken down bathrooms in more detail with challenging tile floors
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