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Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Professional Level Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning hardwood floors and keeping them smooth, shiny, and film free should be easy.  It is easy actually but many home owners make it hard and frustrating.

Take some inside cleaning information from our maid service and make maintaining the beauty in your hardwood floors easy.

Pocket Mop

Water Based Polyurethane Finishes

In this blog we are going to focus on cleaning the most common type of hardwood finish which is water based polyurethane.  The good news is that cleaning methods we recommend apply to oil based as well.

Most modern hardwood finishes are protected with water based polyurethane finishes including “engineered hardwood.”

Sweep / Dust Mop First

Before mopping your hardwood floors sweep all debris up and follow-up with a quality microfiber dust mop.

Dust mopping cleans up millions of abrasive dust particles that, over time, wear down your finish when mopping/grinding them into your floor.

Keep It Dry & Use The Right Mop

Despite the protection of urethane – commonly / mistakenly called “wax” – don’t saturate your hardwood floors with water.  If there is a weakness anywhere in the finish the water can seep in and start to warp you hardwood.

Use flat microfiber mops – preferably commercial grade mops found online from Direct Mop Sales, Rubber Maid, or locally at supply stores such as the one we use in Tuscaloosa – Weatherford Supply.

Keep the mop/bucket or silly spin mop in the closet.

Use "Finish Friendly" Cleaners

There’s some really great hardwood cleaners out there that are pre-mixed and work instantly such as:

  • Bona
  • Zepp hardwood cleaner

The difference between Bona and Zepp is Bona markets better – they are identical.

We rarely use either of them, however, as they are not as good as a commercial cleaning product we use – NCL Mirage. 

Mirage is not pre-mixed so we mix it with distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water only.  The results are superior to Zepp and Bona and, despite being a commercial cleaning product, the costs is much lower.

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Cleaning Hardwood Floors Like A Professional Cleaner
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Cleaning Hardwood Floors Like A Professional Cleaner
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