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Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Kitchen Cleaning Basics

Kitchens can be the most time consuming areas to clean.  Many times it’s necessary to clean appliances such as refrigerators and ovens inside/out. 

Also the type of chemicals used as in pH ranges from acidic for sinks to alkaline for ovens.  Our our maid service and janitorial service divisions have cleaned many residential and commercial kitchens learning what works via experience and science.

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Mind Your pH

As always you must understand how pH affects cleaning and why many people clean with the wrong chemicals making the job harder.  Here are the basics again:

  • Alkaline (high pH) products such as degreasers are ideal for food based contaminants and are primarily used in ovens and inside the refrigerator/freezer/oven/microwave.
  • Acidic (low pH) products such as The Works / Barkeepers Friend / QA Foamy / etc are great at cleaning hard water and oxidation (rust) off of sinks and stainless steel but not so good at cleaning off food/grease.
  • Neutral (pH 7) products such as Method are great all purpose cleaners and are primarily used on counters/cabinets/outside of certain appliances/etc.

Don't Waste Time

If you need to clean the inside of your refrigerator don’t waste time cleaning around stuff – instead:

  • Pull out all food products
  • Pull out all drawers
  • Pull out all shelves
  • Scrub down shelves/drawers in sink or even tub

For Ovens:

  • Pull out all eyes (if you have an older oven) including drip pans
  • Pull out bottom drawer
  • Pull out racks
  • Clean in area where bottom drawer was and behind oven
  • Separately scrub down racks/drip pans/etc

I could go on and on but the point is if the appliance has racks/shelves/turning plate/etc – remove them and clean separately.

The Floors

For all kitchens we use a commercial grade disinfectant that is QUAT based. QUATS are the gold standard for cleaning hospitals and commercial kitchen floors.  Our product of choice is Spartan Chemical DMQ but there are other cleaning products that are QUAT based as well.  Skip the bleach because it’s old junk from the 50’s and really doesn’t disinfect properly.

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