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Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Post Cleaning Walk-Through

It always shocks me how … no maid service .. other than ours performs (and actually requires) a walk through before our maids leave and cleaning services are paid for.

Would you pay for a car before test driving it?  Don’t ever let the maids leave your cleaning project before you walk though to make sure everything is done to your standards.

The only exception we have at Maids In America is for regulars who have already had an initial cleaning with us.  For new customers a walk-through is required for both our good.

Watch Out For The Details

You’re paying our cleaning service to get the details.  Even in a basic clean we perform dusting, even hitting blinds.

The details you care about are what ultimately counts.  If you aren’t concerned about a smudge left on a light switch or the occasional missed knick knack (which will happen) but really care about the baseboards than focus on that.

Zero on on what matters the most to you and print out our check-sheet when you walk with our maids.  If this is a house you are selling than you may care about every detail in the sheet – so take your time and make sure it’s cleaned at the level you expect and need.

Please keep in mind that with all the moving parts there may be a few things missed!

You Have T O T A L   C O N T R O L

Our maids are cleaning your home and you have control.  During the walk-though don’t feel rushed and move through your home at your pace.

If you feel rushed or uncomfortable at any point call us because we want your entire cleaning experience, from scheduling to the final walk-through to be a great one!

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Cleaning Service Walk-Through
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Cleaning Service Walk-Through
The final walk-through with our maids at the end of your home cleaning is very important. Here are some tips to help you as you walk through your clean home to check and make sure you are 100% satisfied.
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Maids In America
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