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Custom Cleaning Service

Getting rolling with our custom cleaning options is easy and allows you to fit your cleaning plan to match your budget and priorities

Custom Cleaning Service

Getting rolling with our custom cleaning options is easy and allows you to fit your cleaning plan to match your budget and priorities

Maid Custom

Welcome to the custom cleaning page, giving you more control over your cleaning needs. Need a little bit of a deep clean but closer to a basic clean? Maybe a basic clean with adding baseboards from the deep clean column? Customize online 24×7 or, on the phone, during working hours.

It’s your cleaning and you have complete control!

Custom Choices

We clean hardwood floors with chemicals that leave zero residue, never dulling or streaking your floors.

  • Choose what areas you want deep cleaned
  • Exclude areas that you don’t need
  • Exclude rooms you don’t want or need cleaned

There are many options when scheduling your cleaning service thanks to our Maid Clean By Design program.

Use Distilled Water

Choose specialty cleaning services so you can use Maids In America as your complete cleaning solution.

  • Low moisture carpet cleaning – Dries almost instantly.
  • Need your grout cleaned? Just choose it as an option!
  • Want your furniture vapor cleaned and dust mites killed? Choose it.

Nothing beats using commercial microfiber mops with multiple pads and the right chemical. Fresh pads per area mean no contamination issues!

Recurring Options

Ordering custom cleaning or not you have very flexible recurring cleaning options with extensive savings.

  • Just need cleaning done monthly? Save 15% with our voucher program!
  • Need cleaning done every other week? Save 25% with our voucher program!
  • Need cleaning done weekly? Save 30% with our voucher program!

Contact us if you want to get the discounted rate on more frequent maid programs such as daily or every other day.

Tips From Our Maids

Cleaning tips taking from our cleaning blog division.

Window Cleaning

Do you struggle getting windows or mirrors to be totally clean and streak free? Try these tips:

• Use microfiber rags instead of paper towels or regular towels

• Make sure microfiber rags have been completely rinsed and washed with no past chemical residue

• Try isolating a group of microfiber rags you will only use for glass/mirrors and wash separately

• Get hold of a microfiber wall wiper from online cleaning supply companies – they work great for windows

Microfiber is superior to an type of cleaning fabric, and, if taken care of, can clean glass and windows with no streaks or smears.

Use Distilled Water

Hard water slows down the cleaning process and leaves calcium and iron oxide deposits on surfaces which build up overtime.

• Get distilled water at around 90 cents a gallon

• Or use reverse osmosis water if you have that kind of filter at home

• Don’t use standard filtered water

Hard water also will dramatically reduce your cleaning power as it reduces the effectiveness of surfactants (in cleaning chemicals) and wastes excessive chemicals.

Happy Customers!

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In 2007 Maids In America started providing cleaning service in Northport, AL. Since then we have expanded to offer maid service and janitorial nationwide!

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