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Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Starting A Cleaning Company

The cleaning industry is one of the most saturated business startup in the market. If you really want to start a cleaning service or maid service don’t worry – despite all the competition you only have yourself and what you do as an owner and company to worry about. The reality is that the incompetence level of other cleaning companies is staggering and just because two maids and a dollar store mop can start up their own business (I think they did actually) doesn’t mean you have to worry about them.

Market Heavy Substance Light

Most lean startups are – and should be – market heavy early on with investing in equipment and more diverse supplies as the marketing drives in the customers. The reverse doesn’t work as have great equipment – etc – means nothing to prospects you are trying to close.


There are many cleaning franchises out there… Or “businesses in a box” as I call them. Stay away – far away. If you can’t
learn from various sources such as this article then a franchise won’t save you. If you can’t execute what you know is the
right thing to do a franchise won’t make or help you do the right thing either.

Franchises are essentially cons. Most of them are marketing companies that operate out of a marketing office that has
nothing to do with cleaning. The guys running the show have very likely never had their own cleaning company but they
know how to put together generic “systems” and sell them for a great deal for those who believe they can buy success.


While I will cover more in future installments of this series I will bullet out key points:

  • No website or one created by a 14-year old girl running a website wizard? You’re kidding..right? You better have
    a home run as website or shut your doors and save money – start a shoe shining business or something similar.
  • Google is your only future. Get ranked and learn how to advertise via paid per click (PPC) fast or your not going anywhere
  • Save your time and ditch the cheap flyers and gung ho door knocking that you can’t sustain and read the above points –
    Google + Home Run Website.
  • I’m not kidding about the above information. You want to start a cleaning service?

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