Post Cleaning Walk-Through

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips| 2019 | Post Cleaning Walk-Through It always shocks me how … no maid service .. other than ours performs (and actually requires) a walk through before our maids leave and cleaning services are paid for. Would you pay for a car before test driving it?  Don’t ever let the maids […]

Hard Water Makes Cleaning Harder

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Hard Water = Harder Work The difference between “soft water” and hard water has been beaten to death for washing clothes and drinking but not enough emphasis is put on how difficult it makes cleaning. With distilled water at 89 cents a gallon even cleaning companies such […]

Keeping Stainless Steel Beautiful

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Keeping Stainless Steel Shiny Stainless steel can be a challenge to clean and keep in good condition.  Many people abuse stainless steel by using the wrong chemicals. Stainless steel is maid “stainless” via the passivation process where  the free iron was removed from the surface of the metal using […]

Hard Water & Cleaning

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Hard Water & Cleaning Hardwater not only leaves streaky deposits of calcium and rust on all surfaces, tastes bad, but it also lowers the effectiveness of cleaning products dramatically. Typically most products estimate usage with hard water when printing dilution instructions. With hardwater it typically takes 35% […]

Carpet Cleaning Trends

Cleaning Service Blog Cleaning Tips | 2019 | Carpet Cleaning Trends The carpet cleaning industry has been evolving more and more towards low moisture cleaning methods that depend on more advanced (and safer) cleaning chemicals and smaller machines that are just as efficient as yesterdays Truck Mounts. Over the past 20 years of carpet cleaning […]